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Leslie, Karen and Sullivan Projects

Each of my projects take on a very personal design that my customer is desiring.  With each project I make sure that their dream will look positively perfect with the space they have.  Some spaces need total remodel and some just updates.  You'll notice that I include decor that will bring a feeling of comfort and style to each space.   

VV Design-2.jpg
VV Design-11.jpg
VV Design-5.jpg
VV Design-10.jpg
VV Design-13_edited.jpg
VV Design-27.jpg
VV Design-28.jpg
VV Design-47.jpg

Design Consultations

Consultations, renderings, and curated whole house designs are just a few of the services offered by this Great Falls designer


Serving Great Falls, Montana, surrounding areas and web clients to design superb interiors, beautiful high end baths, kitchens and more. 

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